A Beachside Cabin Farewell to Cyprus

We spent our last two nights in Cyprus in a set of cabins right by the beach in a kind of camping-light experience. To get to our lodging, we drove down a gravel street of several dozen completely empty cabins, RVs, and shacks. Based on the lack of company, it seems most people don’t consider this beach weather. That’s okay; it meant we had the beach to ourselves and got to wear our pajamas while eating seaside breakfasts.




Even though Theo loves the sand and rocks at the beach, he been absolutely terrified of the waves, and his toes hadn’t touched the sea for our entire stay in Cyprus. After lots of coaxing, we convinced him to dip in… and then, for about 10 minutes on the day before we left Cyprus, Theo realized that he LOVES splashing in the sea.



(The next day, when we asked Theo if he wanted to try again, he declined.)