Arriving in Buenos Aires

We spent the first part of our trip jumping much shorter distances between European countries. Now, in moving from Costa Rica to Argentina, we’ve very quickly shifted regions, climates, and gone from village to metropolis.

Costa Rica was hot and humid. It’s winter here in Argentina, though the sunny, crisp days feel more like early autumn to my senses. In Costa Rica, I exchanged smiles with pretty much everyone I saw. While everyone here in Buenos Aires seems friendly once we’re conversing, the street-smile reflex doesn’t seem to be there.

Perhaps the most significant change to my life is that, in our apartment here I can leave out food for more than five-minutes without triggering an ant invasion. Oh, and we also have useable Internet. Both of these are huge pluses.

So, our month begins! We’re staying in Recoleta, but we ventured down to the San Telmo fair yesterday to browse, spectate, and buy tango shoes.

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