Barcelona: If This Isn’t Nice, I Don’t Know What Is

We’ve been in Barcelona, Spain for just over a week… and like Stockholm and Taipei, we’ve quickly fallen in love with the city, for very similar reasons as we did the first two. The food quality is amazing. Public transportation is widespread. Kids are welcomed and integrated into everyday life.


Part of my birthday lunch at Teresa Carles, entirely vegetarian and probably our favorite restaurant thus far in Barcelona.


Sometimes, kids (including mine) are going to scamper around museums. Overall, Barcelona seems fine with this. 

IMG_2853  Theo on the way home from school, in front of one of our favorite bakeries. Theo LOVES his school which, like in Taipei, is taught in both English in Mandarin. I don’t think he’s learned much Mandarin, but he excels at the English. 


Last weekend, we took the train to the beach with two other families and half the rest of the population of the city! 

Barcelona is also just a beautiful city stroll through, and strolling is one of my favorite activities. Here are just a few more photos for now, with a promise of more in the future. (And no, I don’t know why the birds are those colors.)