Istanbul – What We Enjoyed Most

Mad About Children

About 98.8% of the Turkish population seemed to be mad about children – or at the very least, our little blond, smiley one. While this meant that Theo was given far more chocolate than we would have chosen, it was also an amazing gateway into conversations with random people, who would chat with Theo, chat with us adults, and pull out their phones to proudly display pictures of their own children or grandchildren.

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Easy Living

Our home here is probably technically in the suburbs of Auckland (in Westmere), but it’s an area of quick transitions between residential and commercial, not an ongoing sprawl of houses. We can walk to a good cafe in two minutes and several areas of concentrated small shops and restaurants (including good Indian food!) in ten to twenty. There are plenty of nearby parks, playgrounds, and other green spaces.


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Rainy Day Bouncing

The current weather in Auckland reminds me of our month in Ireland – rain, sun, rain, sun, repeat.  As I overheard in Ireland, “it’s a beautiful day between the clouds.”

I had promised Theo that if it wasn’t raining, I would take him to the beach after preschool, so I packed a picnic lunch and some impromptu beach toys (mostly random plastic containers.)

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