Coffee in Zagreb

I officially declare the coffee in Zagreb fantastic. Probably my favorite since the amazing lattes out of the back of a truck in Ireland.

(Also, this cafe’s wi-fi password was clinteastwood.)

Zagreb Puppet Theater

We’re never quite sure how experiences that require lots of sitting will go with our two year old. This one went well. Even though the hour-long performance of Bambi was entirely in Croatian, Theo was still asking for more at the end. 


Happy New Year!

Last night, to avoid having to stay up until midnight, we celebrated Mecca’s New Year at 10 pm. However, I woke up again at the Croatian midnight to the sound of fireworks and cheers.


We’ve been traveling for almost five months now, and it somehow feels both like we just left California and like we’ve always been traveling. Zagreb has been a lovely place to finish up 2014, and we’re looking forward to a year filled with travel, adventure, and many homes.