Wet Crepe

Theo has spent most of his life in California  (much of it during a drought), and it took him awhile to embrace the rain in Ireland. Now, he is perfectly happy to be rained on as he eats a Nutella and banana crepe. 

Being Excessive at the Market


This photo in no way captures the huge mass of venders and shoppers that is the L’isle-sur-la-Sorgue twice weekly market. The (smaller) Thursday market is about twice as large as any market we’ve previously visited, and the Sunday market is ginormous. Interwoven with the many different types of food stands, we’ve seen stands selling clothing, shoes, yarn, fabric, and small electronics.

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Cooking And Eating In Barcelona

We found the food in Barcelona to be high-quality, affordable, and generally vegetarian friendly. We were staying only three minutes away from a local market, and there were lots of excellent bakeries and shops on the walk home from Theo’s school. Good wine can be obtained for only a few euros per bottle in Spain. Most restaurants had affordable fixed price lunches.

In short, we ate very well all month, at home and in restaurants.

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A Weekend of Food

Since arriving in Berlin, we haven’t consumed so much in the way of what might be considered traditional German food. However, to celebrate the fact that Berlin is a diverse, international city, we’ve been sampling tasty, interesting food from all around the world.

This weekend was full of tasty, interesting food.

On Saturday, I was one of several cooks at Über den Tellerrand‘s 50 Shades of Salad, one of the organization’s many events to promote cultural exchange. I made pasta salad with caramelized fennel/onions, sun-dried tomatoes, chickpeas, and parsley, a salad-ish combination that seemed reasonably “American.” Other cooks made salads from from Iran, Italy, Syria, and Japan.

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