Our one big gripe with Morocco has been the state of the Internet – and for us, because of our work, the state of the Internet is a huge deal. The DSL at our home was unreliable with glacial upload speeds. Voice-over-IP is banned in the country – for practical purposes, this means we need to use VPN when making calls or screen-sharing, which throttles the already slow speed. We couldn’t get a local cellular dongle to work with our Macs, and the T-mobile international plan that we’ve used to tether in other places isn’t available in Morocco.


After much experimenting and several French-practice sessions at the local telecom shop, the best solution we found was to get a local sim card for Brian’s unlocked iPhone, tether it to our computers, and take turns using the quicker connection. We’ve found the cellular Internet impressively, shockingly faster than our home WIFI… but it can still be dicier than ideal, usually during important calls.

Anyway, just to say – sometimes working remotely (especially working closely with others remotely) is challenging.

(This was still not even close to our hardest Internet month, which was definitely spent in Costa Rica.)