Cooking With Ivy

As Brian and I dropped off Theo at school on Tuesday, we told him that we parents were headed to school too – a cooking class at Ivy’s Kitchen. (A benefit of having childcare is that we can periodically go out together sans child. This is good for everyone’s sanity.)

In the class, we made vegetable potstickers, spring onion pancakes, and hot and sour soup, all of which were delicious. Ivy is an excellent instructor, who is clearly fascinated by cuisines and cooking in general.

I left feeling not only reasonably competent at the three recipes we tried, but also ready to use my new knowledge of hot-water dough versus cold-water dough to experiment with a variety of types of potstickers, pancakes, and dumplings. The two dough-based recipes were fairly labor-intensive but, as Ivy explained, you can make them in advance and freeze them.

I foresee mass potsticker-making parties in my future.



IMG_9945 IMG_9899  IMG_9921





IMG_9916 IMG_9930


Ivy was so amused by Brian’s pose in picture above, celebrating the fact that he had successfully flipped the potstickers, that she wanted a photo of her own. “Give me the face,” she laughed. So, Brian did.