Feeding Monkeys

On Saturday, we visited the Japanese macaques, often called snow monkeys, that live at Monkey Park Iwatayama in Kyoto. To reach the monkeys, we hiked up a fairly steep path for about 30 minutes. (Without a preschooler, it likely would have been closer to 20 minutes.)

IMG_0386(Okay, yes, this is a photo from the way down, but you get the idea.)

The view of Kyoto from the top was amazing, but not as cool as the monkeys, who run around relatively freely, weaving among the human visitors enjoying the view. Unlike in Bali, I had no issues here with monkeys climbing up the back of my skirtIMG_0334IMG_0372

In the feeding room, we humans put ourselves into a cage (a room-sized one) and then fed the monkeys peanuts, bananas, and apples through the metal mesh on the sides. As you might imagine, Theo loved this. (Okay, I did too.)

IMG_0342 IMG_0344 IMG_0353

After hanging out with the monkeys for awhile, we took our little monkey (Theo) to the onsite playground before heading back down the hill.