Kyoto By Bicycle And By (The) Water

Saturday was warm and sunny, so we started the day with lunch by the river and then rented some bicycles for further explorations. Kyoto is an amazing city for bicycling:

  • There are several dedicated bicycle and pedestrian lanes, including the long, gorgeous ones that run by the river.
  • Elsewhere, it’s easy to navigate the city on the  many small lanes with little vehicle traffic. These lanes tend to be a visually fascinating mix of residences, small shops, and restaurants, so it’s where I’d want to be riding even if I weren’t avoiding cars.
  • When the two options above fail: on larger streets without bicycle lanes, it’s generally acceptable to ride on the sidewalk. (This is nice as a bicyclist, but sometimes harrowing as a pedestrian attempting to herd a bouncy four-year-old. No crashes yet!)
  • There are tons of other bicyclists in the city, and car drivers seem practiced at looking for bicycles.

We rented bikes from this shop and were very happy: two reasonable bicycles and a child seat for less than 13 USD for a day.