Mauer park (literally, “wall park”) is located in part of the former death strip of the Berlin Wall that divided the East and West. Now, it’s a lovely open space, home to a famous flea market and weekly karaoke.


I have to say, that this policy from the park website seems very in-line with what I know of Berlin:

The wall near the swings is part of the former Hinterlandmauer of the Berlin Wall that separated Berlin. It is an official monument.

Creative engagement with our history, however, fits well with the spirit of Mauerpark: therefore, graffiti from the side of the park is permitted.

Please remember: Spray cans belong with the hazardous waste! So spray first, then clean up!

I paraphrase: History is important, but it’s also something we are grappling with – and making – today. But seriously. Don’t put the spray cans in the wrong bin.