Ōiso And Hakone

We spent three nights at a lovely, whimsical guesthouse in Ōiso, converted from a truck repair garage into a home, music studio, and guesthouse.IMG_1788IMG_1791IMG_1521 (1)  IMG_1762

Japanese-style breakfast (rice balls, miso soup, and tea) was included with our room, and we opted to eat dinner at the guesthouse every evening as well. It was all delicious, even though after a month in Japan, Brian is ready to move on from Japanese food. (Theo and I are still happy.)

IMG_1572IMG_1758 (1)IMG_1571

It was our good luck to have our stay overlap with that of a family from Australia with a daughter just a little younger than Theo.


Ōiso itself is a seaside town about an hour outside of Tokyo that has been a popular place for politicians to summer and retire. We enjoyed plenty of lovely strolls and a trip to the beach.


We also spent a day exploring the area near Hakone with one of our hosts and a couple from France. Photos from that day are below, from Mt. Fuji (really – it’s there!) in the first photo the fabulous open air museum in the last three.

IMG_1627 IMG_1645 IMG_1651 IMG_1655 IMG_1657 IMG_1688 IMG_1721 IMG_1737