Our Voyage on the Oscar Wilde

We took the overnight ferry from Rosslare, Ireland to Roscoff, France. Theo was talking about the boat trip for a couple of months before we left, but once we actually boarded the Oscar Wilde, it took about half the trip for him to be convinced that we were actually on a boat.


(In the photo above, Brian is trying to convince Theo that we are on a boat as we depart. Theo is not buying it.)

Our hosts in Wexford said that we should watch for dolphins as we left the harbor, but we watched for about 15 minutes after departing and saw no critters from the deck other than birds and twenty-somethings with pints of beer. Then, about an hour later, we were wandering around the top deck and saw a whole school of dolphins cavorting about the water.

(Above, I am smiling because I saw dolphins. Theo is smiling because I told him to show Brian what happy looks like.)

I tend towards motion sickness and was wondering how I’d cope with a 20 hour boat trip. We had a smooth crossing, but I definitely still felt a little off when standing. Sleeping, however, was entirely fine, maybe in part because we splurged on a nice cabin and slept on one of the most comfy beds ever.  Theo, as usual, slept on a nest on the floor and woke up energetic and ready to run.