Porch Monkeys (and Puppies)

We landed in Costa Rica on Sunday evening. While we had to make a quick change of plans because of flooding in Sarapiqui, we’ve been enjoying Monteverde before heading to our new home-for-a-month tomorrow.

The cabin where we ended up staying has a porch with a hammock, where Theo and I perched this morning looking for animals in the surrounding forest. Eventually, we began observing Joanna (my sister, who is traveling with us for the summer) and Brian as they read in nearby adirondack chairs. I tried to convince Theo that they were in fact members of the animal kingdom that we were watching, but he wasn’t buying it.


About 30 minutes later, Joanna, Theo, and I went inside, leaving Brian reading in the hammock (the fact that there have not yet been duels over the hammock is a good sign, I think, for the peacefulness potential of the rest of our trip together.) When I returned outside for  my coffee cup, I saw this monkey sneaking up the the porch, presumably to steal either my coffee or Brian’s iPhone. IMG_2806

Brian came inside, and we watched a total of four monkeys (including two little ones) frolic around the trees immediately in front of our porch.  Altogether, a pretty great animal-watching experience.


Somewhat later, Theo and I were on a canopy tram, once again looking for animals.

“People are animals too,”  – Theo, out of the blue

“That’s right” – Me, excited

“I’m a puppy” – Theo, earnestly

So, maybe a few more discussions to be had on the topic of the taxonomic hierarchy.