Rain, Rain, Rain

We’ve had a couple of days of rain, rain, rain lately, instead of the usual sun, rain, sun that has characterized most of our stay in Ireland. So, if you’re expecting this post to be about anything exciting and travel-related (or even to be particularly about Ireland at all), maybe come back for the next post instead.

Brian is away in Sweden doing cool open-source magic stuff, but my mom is visiting, and she has been helping occupy Theo while I work.

In addition to endless games of Guess Who, one of Theo’s favorite rainy day activities was watching his plush moon ball bounce down the stairs.

  1. Theo hands my mom the ball
  2. Theo yells “don’t throw yet, don’t throw yet” while scrambling into his chair
  3. Mom throws the ball up the stairs
  4. Theo watches the ball bounce down the stairs
  5. Theo scrambles out of his chair and retrieves the ball
  6. Over and over again into infinity

Since it was wet outside, we decided to get wet inside too. There is no bath here, just a shower (as there is everywhere we’ve booked so far), and Theo definitely seems to miss playing in the water. We improvised, and Theo was incredibly happy making soup out of his rubber animals and posing in baking dishes.

We also twice visited an indoor playground called The Treehouse which was full of cheerfully shrieking children whose parents were also presumably looking for an escape from the rain. Even with the shrieks, it’s a good time: lattes and Wi-Fi while your child trots around and jumps into ball pits. Theo fairly blasé about most other toddlers, but he seems to find older kids fascinating and will stand staring at them, attempting to will them into taking notice of him. They can run so fast! Jump so high! Be so loud! I’m pretty sure that someday, Theo wants to be an older kid too.