Staying Warm In Japan

It’s starting to warm up now, but when we first arrived in Japan, it was pretty chilly! Luckily, our house-for-a-month is full of interesting devices to keep us warm.

Dining Room/Kitchen

There is a plush rug under the dining room table, with a heated pad underneath. In addition to our toes appreciating the warmth during dinner, we sometimes curl up under the table with blankets and pillows to read.


We have a hot water heater that I use throughout the day for coffee, tea, and just plain (hot) drinking water. We had one of these in Vietnam too – also of Japanese construction – and I’ve pretty much fallen in love with them.



In this photo, Theo is curled up inside of his super-warm fleece sleeping bag. Our beds have electric blankets, in addition to mounds of fleece blankets and comforters.



We have a Japanese-style bathtub and shower room.  Here’s how bathing goes:

  • Fill the tub with super-hot water
  • Wash your hair and body using the shower,  generally sitting on a stool beside the tub.
  • Soak in blissfully hot water in the tub. Even though it might look small for non-Theo-sized persons, it’s deep, and when I sit I’m submerged from the neck down. Very cozy and warming.
  • Repeat for additional family members, using the same bath water.


Our toilet seat is heated. Of course.


All of this, plus three wall heaters and a kerosene stove. After no heating in our Taipei apartment, we appreciate every single warmth-giving device.