Swimming in Iceland (with snow)

It’s been cold and windy since we arrived, so Theo and I have been regular visitors to Laugardalur, one of Reykjaviks many geothermally heated public pools. Most of the pools are outside, but they are warm enough that once you submerge yourself, you don’t really care that the wind is blowing snow your face. (It’s cheap too; it costs about $3 for me per visit with my 10-visit card, and Theo gets in for free.)

Everyone is here: adults-unaccompanied-by-children relax with their eyes closed and faces to the sun, teenagers chat in clusters, toddlers bounce around the hot pools trailed by their parents, and older children race down the slides in the larger pools.


(I can’t take photos in the pool area itself, but you can see some great images here.)