Our Home Is Where Our Food Is

I’m frequently asked where “home” is. We left the US from our previous residence in Oakland, California, but we don’t have a set place to return to when we eventually finish traveling. We left a few possessions with family in Ohio and New York, but most of what we own is traveling with us. So, in many ways, home is pretty much wherever we are, even if it’s for just a short period of time.

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Being Excessive at the Market


This photo in no way captures the huge mass of venders and shoppers that is the L’isle-sur-la-Sorgue twice weekly market. The (smaller) Thursday market is about twice as large as any market we’ve previously visited, and the Sunday market is ginormous. Interwoven with the many different types of food stands, we’ve seen stands selling clothing, shoes, yarn, fabric, and small electronics.

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Food Improvisation

It’s been cold and snowy enough that we haven’t ventured to any markets or larger supermarkets since arriving in Istanbul last Monday. Instead, we’ve been relying on the very small grocery store next door and, instead of meal-planning, I’ve mainly just been buying everything that looks even vaguely interesting and then improvising from there.

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