Au Revoir Lyon

Lyon was such a warm, lovely place to visit, on so many different levels. The weather was gorgeous: though it’s technically autumn, it was sunny and in the 70s most days. Even on the rainy days it was warm enough that we don’t really mind getting drizzled upon before heading back to our apartment for hot chocolate.

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Missed Stops and a Tuscan Farmhouse

For our first three nights in Tuscany, we stayed in a renovated farmhouse about 15 km outside of Florence.

Due to some distracting, on-train toddler shenanigans, we missed the stop where our host was planning to collect us. Thus far in the trip, we’ve resisted getting sim cards for our phones, which is generally fine. Occasionally, though, we end up in situations where a working cell phone would be immensely useful, such as when we find ourselves at a rural Italian train station with no way to reach the person who was expecting us at a different rural Italian train station.

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