The Chai Is Falling

Our neighbors are incredibly nice and frequently ply cookies, nuts, and other treats upon us – especially Theo. So, as a small thank you, Theo and I took them a box of sweets from a nearby shop.


When we knocked on the door to deliver the box, Auntie invited us to sit down and offered a tray of nuts, cookies, etc.. Theo, as usual, dove in with both hands. (Our attempts to to quell this behavior have failed, partially because our neighbors seem to find it cute.) Auntie also brought out a bowl of kheer (rice pudding) and, for me, a cup of chai (tea).

Just as I was about to take my first sip of chai, Auntie reached for Theo, pulling him towards her for a cuddle. Theo, while generally very friendly, has seemed frustrated recently with the local tendency to grab him, and pulled back quickly. Unfortunately, I was directly behind Theo, with my cup of chai in my hands. As Theo crashed into me, the chai splashed over my arm, skirt, the floor, the sofa, and Theo’s arm. It was very hot, and Theo (understandably) started screaming.

I held Theo, calming him, as he rejected offers of both ice and cooling cream. Another bowl of kheer, on the the hand, was quickly accepted. We all spent several minutes apologizing to each other and confirming that I, Theo, the floor, and the sofa were all okay.

(We were.)