Unintentional Jokes

I was reading that children as young as three have gone on zip-line tours of the forest canopy at a nearby nature reserve. I was skeptical that this might work with my child, since Theo has only recently begun to enjoy swings. Then again, I also remembered doubting Theo’s ability to ride a horse a few months back and being proven very wrong.

I broached the idea with Theo, explaining that he’d be strapped to a person strapped onto a wire, and the person would jump with him off one platform and fly like a bird to another. There might even be animals that we’d see along the way, like monkeys and sloths! Theo grinned throughout the description.

“That’s a joke!” he said, still smiling. We’ve been discussing the concept of ‘joke’ recently, and he appeared to be proud to have identified one.

“No, no” I said, “that’s something you could do if you want. Do you want to?”

The smile melted off his face and was replaced with horror.

“No,” he said adamantly.

So, I guess we’ll wait on that one.


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