Zutphen, In The Moments When I Looked Up From The Computer

When we scheduled our last two weeks in the Netherlands (without external childcare), I was expecting my work projects to be in a relatively calm state, leaving me with plenty of time to explore the Dutch countryside via bike and sip amazing beer from nearby Belgium. Then, because of funding deadlines, everything shifted, and I’ve been mostly staring at my computer screen.

Luckily, I care a lot about this project, so the eye-strain is worth it. I also have an awesome husband who has taken on primary Theo-caring duty, and we managed to find a babysitter for three days last week to alleviate a bit more of our combined work-pressure.

Still, while there has still been some time for bikes and beer – plus visits with a friend from childhood, peeks around the local market, and stops for great coffee – I haven’t set aside much time for writing.

So, for today I’m going to mostly leave the details of our 10-day stay in Zutphen – a lovely, small city on the east side of the Netherlands – to your imagination and these photos.

IMG_4134 IMG_4136 IMG_4143 IMG_4150 IMG_4197 IMG_4202 IMG_4215 IMG_4218 IMG_4223 IMG_4235 IMG_4243 IMG_4248 IMG_4329 IMG_4338IMG_4259