About Us

We are a family of three – two adults and a preschooler – who traveled around the world from August 2014 to August 2016. Now that we’re settled again (for now), this site is an archive of our journey.

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For most of the trip, we spent a month at a time settling into a place before moving onto the next. We wanted to learn how other people live, love, eat, relax, and parent – and how it feels to slip into someone else’s daily routine.

We won’t pretend that our journey was some sort of formal study of cultures, but it was an experiment in how our family and these different cultures intersect for a month at a time. We met amazing people along the way and are so grateful for their many acts of kindness and hospitality, both large and small.


If you click the image above, you can open a zoomable map. We stayed in places marked in dark blue for at least a month. Shorter days are marked with light blue.

During our two years of travel, we lived in Ireland, France, Italy, Germany, Croatia, Turkey, Cyprus, Sweden, Iceland, Costa Rica, Argentina, New Zealand, Bali, India, Thailand, Vietnam, Taiwan, Japan, Morocco, and Spain.

One of the most common questions we get about the trip is how we could afford to travel for so long. We are very fortunate in life, but we aren’t rich, and we worked during our two years of travel. Both of us adult people alternated between freelancing part-time (we have laptop-able professions) and watching our son Theo.

Amanda’s professional web site is http://www.amanda-warner.com

Brian’s professional web site is http://www.brian-underwood.codes

Theo isn’t allowed to use the computer yet, but he’d probably have an awesome web site if he could.