Books I Read About Bali While In Bali

Love and Death in Bali is a historical novel about the Dutch invasion of Bali leading to the mass suicide at the battle of Badung. The novel follows the stories of several characters – from peasants to royalty – as they struggle with family, relationships, and changes in fortune. I very much recommend this book.

Bali Daze — Freefall off the Tourist Trail was written by a Canadian woman who moves to Bali and eventually builds a house in Ubud. This book offers a really lovely introduction to the land and culture through her experiences and research. This was also a great book and an easy read.

Bali: Heaven and Hell looks at the intersection of Balinese culture with the waves of tourists and expats who visit each year – and how this intersection evolved throughout recent history. It’s a very well researched, expansive book. I struggled a little at times, only because parts of the book were very focused on some of the legendary figures of surfing (who I don’t know). Still, much of the book was relevant for everyone.