Date Night

My mom is visiting us for almost two weeks and watched Theo last night so that Brian and I could go to dinner on our own. We went to Lodi – The Garden Restaurant and sat (we think) in the same seat where we had lunch on our first trip to India, about six years ago.



Crossing the road in Delhi often feels like playing a game of frogger… a very advanced game of frogger where the vehicles ignore the lanes and use the horn as a form of echolocation. Luckily, I have yet to go splat.



Eating in India

If I had to pick one country’s cuisine to eat for the rest of my life, it would be India’s, no contest. (I do understand that I’ve only experienced a small slice of the amazingly varied cuisine of this country. However, based on everything I have eaten, I stand by my choice.)

Our Air B&B hosts connected us with Jaya, the woman who cooked for them when they lived in this apartment, and so we have super fresh, tasty meals in our apartment for most meals.


(Above photo credit to mom!)

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Better than Ambien


In this photo, Brian is holding Theo’s head because Theo fell asleep on a tuk-tuk drive home. Later, Theo explained, “I think I fell asleep because of all the honking. The honking made me sleep”