What Monkey Wants, Monkey Gets

As part of our Saturday exploration, we visited Monkey Forest in Ubud, a giant open space where monkeys wander freely and cajole tourists into buying them official monkey forest bananas.

When we first arrived, we read a long sign warning us to avoid doing things like looking into the monkeys’ eyes (it’s a sign of aggression) and trying to hide food from the monkeys (they will find it!) Plastic was also forbidden, so before entering the park, I made my way towards a trash can to dispose of Theo’s half consumed, half sealed plastic cup of water. However, the freely wandering monkey don’t actually seem to be constrained by the entrance/exit lanes (apparently, it’s only the people who need tickets) and there were several hovering in the vicinity, eying the plastic cup.

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Walking in Sanur

Our Internet-for-work needs pretty firmly anchored us in tourist-land Bali, rather than the less developed north. Still, our neighborhood of Sanur makes for beautiful, interesting walks. For example, on the way to Theo’s preschool we generally pass statues, chickens, cows, and approximately a million motor bikes, some carrying whole families. The scents as we walk switch rapidly between incense, burning plastic, ocean, mosquito coil, and flowers.

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Sanur Beach

We visit the nearby beach several times a week. The water sprawls out shallow and warm for ages -it’s warmer than our shower, by far. There are restaurants dotting the shore where we can sit and sip coconuts, cocktails, or coffee, or eat dinner if we want. Otherwise, we can just plop ourselves onto the sand.

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