Easy Living

Our home here is probably technically in the suburbs of Auckland (in Westmere), but it’s an area of quick transitions between residential and commercial, not an ongoing sprawl of houses. We can walk to a good cafe in two minutes and several areas of concentrated small shops and restaurants (including good Indian food!) in ten to twenty. There are plenty of nearby parks, playgrounds, and other green spaces.


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Rainy Day Bouncing

The current weather in Auckland reminds me of our month in Ireland – rain, sun, rain, sun, repeat.  As I overheard in Ireland, “it’s a beautiful day between the clouds.”

I had promised Theo that if it wasn’t raining, I would take him to the beach after preschool, so I packed a picnic lunch and some impromptu beach toys (mostly random plastic containers.)

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Auckland: Perhaps Not The Real New Zealand, But Still Pretty Great

We’re about to head out of Auckland and into the New Zealand countryside for a week-long holiday. I’ve been told several times that the countryside is the real New Zealand. (I was also told this about the cities vs. countryside of Ireland, Sweden, Iceland, Costa Rica, and Argentina.)

Considering how much of the population they hold, I feel like cities are probably pretty “real” too, even though the ways in which they hold the flavor of a region might be subtler.


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NZ Holiday Part 1: Farmstay

We spent the weekend at a farmstay in Ruawai, New Zealand where our awesome hosts did their best to integrate us into their lives for a couple of days, from making cheese to riding horses to milking cows. Theo has been sick off and on since Friday, making it a little bit of a rocky start to our holiday, but we still visited animals (and large trees) between trying to rest and recuperate.


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NZ Holiday Part 2: Being Tourists in Rotorua

When we mentioned Rotorua to New Zealanders, we were told it was very set up for tourists. They didn’t seem to mean this in the way that someone who isn’t a fan of the Las Vegas strip (say, me) might declare it “touristy.” Instead, people seemed genuinely happy that we were going to this place with attractions that are so easy for tourists to access.

… and, we thought Rotorua was great!

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