A Mob of Ducks

No matter how often I tried to explain the dietary habits of ducks, Theo kept throwing rocks and sticks into the water yelling “eat this, eat this.” I feel fortunate that we weren’t pecked to death after the ducks became sick of being fooled. 

Books Set in France (that I read in France)

Paris: The Novel, by Edward Rutherford

I’ve read many Rutherfurd novels, and this one was probably my favorite thus far. As usual, he weaves together the lives of several families through many generations. Unlike many of his novels, though, this one jumps back and forth through time. While it would sometimes take me a moment to orient myself, I loved how his departure from strict chronological order let me see an event and then later discover the family histories that sparked it.  Plot-wise, my favorite story was at the end, set during World War II.

While reading this book in the Les jardins du Palais Royal, I realized that I was serendipitously reading about the building of the Palais Royal.

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The Lyon Metro Tickets That Traveled Around The World

Lyon was our second home-for-a-month, back in September 2014. On our departure, we still had two metro tickets that I meant to leave at our apartment but accidentally packed instead. In an act of silliness, I kept them. My goal was to find Lyon residents as we were traveling so that I could give the tickets to someone who would return them to Lyon and use them. (We actually DID meet a family from Lyon in Cyprus and another family in Taipei, but I forgot completely about the tickets in both cases. Oops.)

Well, it turns out that WE are the family who returned the metro tickets to Lyon. When I was researching train routes between Barcelona and Berlin, Paris kept coming up as the main connection point. However, with some finagling I was able to connect us through Lyon (and Zurich) instead.


I’m displaying the metro tickets. Theo is displaying his almond-chocolate croissant. Both were very exciting, but we won’t try transporting the croissant around the world. Continue reading “The Lyon Metro Tickets That Traveled Around The World”