Tanger to Barcelona By Ship

We acknowledge that our carbon footprint hasn’t been great during our almost two years of travel. Still, when possible, we’ve been trying to avoid planes, and instead default to trains or ships.



To travel between Tanger and Barcelona, we booked a cabin on a Grandi Navi Veloci ship. When the vessel was originally constructed, it was probably designed to feel like a cruise. However, most of the cruise elements seem to have been gutted, at least for this journey. The two pools were empty, aside from cigarettes butts. The beauty salon had been converted into storage. Many other rooms were just blocked off and closed, or converted to prayer rooms. Continue reading “Tanger to Barcelona By Ship”

Barcelona: If This Isn’t Nice, I Don’t Know What Is

We’ve been in Barcelona, Spain for just over a week… and like Stockholm and Taipei, we’ve quickly fallen in love with the city, for very similar reasons as we did the first two. The food quality is amazing. Public transportation is widespread. Kids are welcomed and integrated into everyday life.


Part of my birthday lunch at Teresa Carles, entirely vegetarian and probably our favorite restaurant thus far in Barcelona. Continue reading “Barcelona: If This Isn’t Nice, I Don’t Know What Is”


Our friend Carly is visiting and offered to babysit, so Brian and I went to see a flamenco show on our own. (Honestly, I think Theo would have LOVED the show, but it’s challenging to coordinate evening activities around his early bedtime, so we were super-grateful for the babysitting.)

Barcelona isn’t “the place” for flamenco in Spain, and the show we saw was marketed for tourists… but we thought it was amazing! For most parts, one dancer would take the floor, while other dancers and musicians would clap the beat and cheer them on as they danced. There was so much energy and camaraderie between the dancers and musicians.

IMG_2951 Continue reading “Flamenco”

Mopping Yet Another Porch


Mopping is exciting enough to Theo that it can be used as a reward for completing other, less exciting activities. Would we take advantage of this? Well, maybe.

Stumbling Into Yet Another Holiday: The Festival of San Juan

A nice thing about traveling is that we often stumble into unexpected holidays. Last week, it was the night of San Juan, which, as Theo’s preschool administrator explained, was a pagan holiday celebrating the coming of summer until it was Christianized. From what I can gather, name aside, it’s largely turned back into a celebration of the summer solstice in Barcelona. Festivities include jumping over bonfires on the beach, drinking, waving around torches, and setting off lots of fireworks.

Our neighborhood of Gràcia, is not on a beach, but they compensated with a parade of dueling drummers, horses, and lots of torches.

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Barcelona Street Art

If you visit Barcelona, I very much recommend the Alternative Tour by Free Walking Tour Barcelona. After their guidance, I was able to identify the work of several street artists, making wandering around the city even more interesting. Also super interesting to me, the guides talked a bit about the city’s anarchist past. (I’ve been reading more about this in George Orwell’s memoir Homage to Catalonia.)

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