_______ is Harder with a Toddler. Significantly harder.

Now that we have a child, camping is different: we pick campsites that are a brief walk to our car, our hikes are shorter, and we more carefully plan activities and food, whereas before we were a bit more adventurous and spontaneous. When we camp, we try to keep the same rhythm of meals, snacks, and naps, even when they are occurring at picnic tables and in tents instead of at home.


Theo’s first camping trip – he is 3 months old and didn’t act quite as terrified as he looks.

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Letting Go of My Expectations and Being in the Moment: Flying (and Waiting) with a Toddler

Theo and I recently flew to Ohio to visit family. On our flight back, we had a four-hour layover, and I’d imagined grabbing dinner and letting Theo run around the airport before hopping onto a late evening flight where Theo would sleep. The flight to Ohio (my first time flying alone with Theo) had been intense, but manageable, so I was optimistic about this one as well.

(Please feel free to insert jokes about Greek gods and hubris here.)

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Other People Have Marbles!

We spent a lot of the weekend getting rid of stuff: some via Craiglist sales, but mostly by just putting stuff out on the curb. We tried to teach Theo our “imagine how happy someone else will be with this (insert item)” purging technique and it seems to have mostly worked. Here, watch him chanting “Other people have marbles, other people have marbles” as he gathers items to give away.

On a semi-related note, someone graffiti tagged our free box last night! Oh, Oakland.


Theo and Brian’s jackets were missing some buttons, so we pulled out the sewing kit we bought back in Ireland to fix them. For some reason, Theo decided that the thimble was his “wedding ring.” I decided to just let him go with it.