Rethinking Our Luggage

The weight and size of our luggage seemed much more reasonable in the US than it does in Europe. Maybe it’s the conversion to the metric system. Or maybe it’s all of the cobblestone streets and narrow stairways. Regardless, we’re contemplating ditching the suitcase (and a considerable amount of our stuff) and obtaining a second backpack instead. We’ll see.


Happy New Year!

Last night, to avoid having to stay up until midnight, we celebrated Mecca’s New Year at 10 pm. However, I woke up again at the Croatian midnight to the sound of fireworks and cheers.


We’ve been traveling for almost five months now, and it somehow feels both like we just left California and like we’ve always been traveling. Zagreb has been a lovely place to finish up 2014, and we’re looking forward to a year filled with travel, adventure, and many homes.

My Backpack-Sized Wardrobe

I’m definitely not a fashion expert, but after wearing what fits into a backpack for eight months, I feel like I have a good handle on managing a minimalistic wardrobe that blends well into urban Europe. (Here I define “blends into urban Europe” as being initially addressed regularly in the local language, after which my verbal stumblings inevitably identify me as not a local.)

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