Eating in India

If I had to pick one country’s cuisine to eat for the rest of my life, it would be India’s, no contest. (I do understand that I’ve only experienced a small slice of the amazingly varied cuisine of this country. However, based on everything I have eaten, I stand by my choice.)

Our Air B&B hosts connected us with Jaya, the woman who cooked for them when they lived in this apartment, and so we have super fresh, tasty meals in our apartment for most meals.


(Above photo credit to mom!)

Most mornings we have some sort of stuffed paratha with yogurt, plus tea made by steeping a tea bag in boiled whole milk. (This pretty much fulfills my usual latte cravings.) We’ve also had masala dosa and bata poha for breakfast.

IMG_6742 IMG_6884 IMG_7097

Lunch is normally dal, vegetables, rice, and roti. Dinner is a paneer or vegetable dish with more roti.


Recently, Brian and I went to a cooking class where we learned to make shahi paneer (indian cheese with a really rich sauce), dal makhani (lentils with that same rich sauce), jira aloo (cumin potatos), and begun kabharta (roasted eggplant). All were delicious, and we left with many ideas for sauces and spicing. (For example: mango powder!)


Also, even though Jaya makes roti most days, I hadn’t actually realized that after pan frying, it’s put onto the flame directly to poof. (See video at the bottom of the post.)