Ginkaku-ji Temple and Concrete Turtles

Japan will be the first country in ages (well, since June) where we haven’t had some sort of external childcare. We asked about preschool/daycare before arriving, but between holidays and rules about residency, there weren’t any good options. So, Brian and I are switching off time working and child-tending once again.

During one of my Theo-shifts, we ventured into Kyoto. Our first stop was Ginkaku-ji Temple. The grounds were beautiful (it’s a world heritage site), but I was somewhat distracted by trying to keep Theo’s voice and exuberant jumping to Japanese-temple-level, and we didn’t venture into the temple itself or the tea-room. (Theo did befriend a family from Germany, as he does.)

IMG_0221IMG_0203 IMG_0209 IMG_0212 IMG_0219Our next stop, Kamogawa delta, was more kid-friendly, with a walkway of turtle and non-turtle shaped concrete stones. With just a bit longer legs and more confidence, Theo would be able to jump between the stones entirely by himself. For today, I provided a hand to prevent him from falling into the river, for both of our sakes. (It’s cold here!)IMG_0241 IMG_0246IMG_0253