Gladore and Union Hall

Okay, so it hasn’t been ALL rain lately. On Wednesday, Mom, Theo, and I drove to Glandore and Union Hall. We had a snack outside at a pub in Glandore overlooking the boats. (With many bees as uninvited guests. Theo is getting good at requesting that the bees leave, instead of swatting at them. Important life skill. Hooray!) image

There were at least two hotels for sale in Glandore, so if traveling around the world doesn’t work out, maybe we should just buy a hotel instead. (Or a beekeeping set-up.)

After snack, we hung out on a beach where mom and I were eventually able to convince Theo to get his toes wet. I think Theo is still traumatized from the last time Brian and I convinced him to put his feet in the ocean, and he got knocked down by a wave. The waves in Union Hall were much smaller than those in Northern California.