One Photo Please? Exploring Delhi With Our Preschooler

Our three-year-old son Theo is a rockstar. Saturday, on a day-long flit around Delhi, almost everyone wanted a photo with him.


Sometimes, they wanted Theo’s entourage (Brian and I) in the photos too! In this post, you can find a selection of the photos that are probably now dotting Delhiites’ Facebook pages! (Okay, and I’ve included some other photos and information as well.)

IMG_6743 (1)

Our first stops were India Gate (above) and the President’s house (below). We saw the changing of the guard at both from a distance. The changing of the guard at the president’s house was grander, with galloping horses and a band. At one point, a monkey ran by too, but this was probably unplanned. Monkeys just run around the city- a few days ago, we saw one at the playground. (We kept our distance.)


Next, we went to Jama Masjid, a mosque in old Delhi. We climbed the minaret on the left for a view of the city. Of particular note, Theo climbed all the way up on his own. (Brian carried him down.)



As tourists, we had to cover ourselves while in the mosque – Brian, just with a sarong-type-thing and me with a robe that vaguely resembled a hospital gown.

IMG_6766 (1)


After our climb, Theo engaged with his favorite toy: water.IMG_6794 IMG_6798

…. and then posed for a few more pictures. We leave the decision about whether to stop for a photo or not to Theo. His  philosophy generally seems to be: I will agree to a photo, but I will not agree to a serious expression… or to hold still.IMG_6801 (1)

In the photo below, Theo saw these two boys posing for a picture, and sprinted over, assuming that OF COURSE he would be wanted in their picture. He was right – the boys’ father ran over to readjust them slightly and then snapped a few more photos.

IMG_6808 IMG_6803


After the mosque, we took a bicycle rickshaw ride to our next destination, a Sihk temple. IMG_6822

Here, all three of us needed to cover our heads and wash our hands and feet before entering. IMG_6828 IMG_6835

The temple was beautiful, but my favorite part was the area where Sikh volunteers prepare meals that are available for anyone who needs one.

IMG_6841 IMG_6843 IMG_6844

After the Sikh temple, we took another bicycle rickshaw through the wedding market. Long sections of the market are dedicated to various aspects of weddings: jewelry, costume, stationary, etc. The streets were incredibly crowded –  it’s wedding season! I think Theo was a little overwhelmed, because he ended up falling asleep on my lap towards the end of the ride. (An impressive feat amidst the bustle and honking of a crowded Delhi street.)



The last stop of the day was Children’s’ Park by India Gate, where Theo posed for many, many more photos.


It was apparently children’s day in India, and the park was incredibly crowded. At times there would be two-dozen children lined up to go down the slide. On the ladder, the older children would sometimes climb around smaller, slower moving children (like Theo.) This is  good model of Delhi traffic where lanes are generally ignored… but without the constant honking.


As often is the case, Theo had less toys than the other children, but a kind boy gave Theo a ball and others let him join in their games.


And, of course, our awesomely friendly driver wanted a picture with Theo too. At the end of the day, we said goodbye to him and collapsed in front of a Hindi-language movie, Queen, which we highly recommend!



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