Rainy Day Bouncing

The current weather in Auckland reminds me of our month in Ireland – rain, sun, rain, sun, repeat.  As I overheard in Ireland, “it’s a beautiful day between the clouds.”

I had promised Theo that if it wasn’t raining, I would take him to the beach after preschool, so I packed a picnic lunch and some impromptu beach toys (mostly random plastic containers.)

It was a surprisingly sunny day… until the moment when I walked out the door to scoop up Theo and felt the first drops. I kept hoping the sun would return, but alas. After about fifteen minutes of rain hitting our faces on the way to the bus stop, we gave up and went to Uptown Bounce instead, a nearby indoor trampoline park.


The space was filled with kids when we first arrived, mostly from a birthday party. Theo scampered and bounced for over an hour, stopping only occasionally to run to the table where I was sitting to grab a bite of his apple before dashing way again. Once the kids departed, so did most of Theo’s energy, and we had a low-key remainder of our afternoon and evening.