Savoring the Bay Area

Even though we have lots to do to get ready for our trip (less than two weeks now!), we are trying to spend time savoring what we love about the Bay Area.

Which, as documented below, often means savoring food.

It’s been a great two years in Oakland and, however excited I am to travel, I will miss living (and eating) here.

imageEthiopian food from Addis. The fasolia is possibly the tastiest thing in the world, and the injera at this restaurant was one of Theo’s first foods.


Food truck night at the Oakland Museum! One of the food trucks has pierogis. Another has Indian street food. Yum!


Pizza and tacos from the Temescal farmers market.

imageTilden park little farm! Uh oh, no food in this photo. I promise that even though this photo doesn’t showing us eating, we had a picnic RIGHT AFTER visiting the farm. 


Latte from Highwire Coffee. I could do a whole post on the amazing coffee available around here. I am so spoiled now. This will probably be a problem as we travel.


 Dinner on our patio. Most of the food courtesy local farmers and producers, via Good Eggs