Theo and I have trekked to Skansen three times thus far. Here are a few shots and thoughts from our visits.


The park is covered with houses and buildings that have been transported from all over the country, so you can see farm and town-life from the past, often introduced by people in costume.




You can also view  Scandinavian animals of various sorts, like wolves, bears, wolverines, and seals. When we walked up the the wolf enclosure, a wolf was in the process of eating a bird. This inspired many questions, a selection of which you can find below:

“Is the bird in pieces?”

“Why the bird in pieces?”

“Is it a bad wolf?”

“Why wolves eat animals?”

“Was it an old bird?”


In front of the children’s zoo, you can attempt to steal large wooden acorns from large wooden squirrels. Theo thankfully didn’t have any questions about the dietary habits of large wooden squirrels.


Two of our visits were on Easter Sunday and Monday, in part because I really wanted to see children dressed up like Easter witches, and I’d heard Skansen was a good place to spot them.

We only saw two, but I later learned that we were probably looking on the wrong days. However, in a crafts area, we made our own Easter witch! It’s now hanging from our Easter tree. (Swedish government, please take note of my acculturation. How many Sweden points do I  need to earn a Swedish person number?)


Theo is a huge fan of little trains, and we rode around Skansen with a four-year-old and his family. Together, he and Theo regaled everyone we passed with waves and loud shouts of “hej, hej.”



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