While our cooking patterns adapt a bunch each month depending on where we live and what’s available in the markets, we’ve made at least one batch of soup at every home except Costa Rica. (Heat and ant invasions do not encourage soup-making.)

The specific ingredients of the soup change depending on what’s available, but it’s generally some variation on:

  • Lots of chopped up vegetables, sometimes roasted, other times sautéed
  • Legumes of some sort
  • Vegetable broth, vinegar, and olive oil (the oil is to sauté or roast the vegetables – but I generally throw some in to taste at the end as well)

… served with bread, cheese, and a dark beer or red wine. I try to make a big potful so that we get at least two meals out of it.

At the market here in Buenos Aires, we found these spotted tubers, which taste to me like a cross between a potato and a beet.


They went into this weeks’ soup, along with onions, carrots, lentils, vegetable broth, vinegar, and olive oil.