Theo’s French Haircut

Theo hasn’t had a haircut since we left the US, and his bangs have been slowly creeping over his eyes. When I suggested he might get a haircut, he was very eager, probably because thus far hair salons and airplanes have been the only places where he’s really watched television.

Even after I explained that the salon might not be the kid-ish type with televisions playing Scooby Doo at every chair, he was still asking about a haircut approximately 100 times a minute, so we ventured into the streets of Lyon to obtain a “coupe de cheveux.”

After wandering a bit and stopping in one adult salon where we could have made a “rendezvous” for six days later (approximately 100 years later in toddler time), we stumbled upon a salon for kids that had absolutely no wait.

While they didn’t have a television, they did have an awesome car with buttons that made music. The stylist was super nice and spoke no English, so we stumbled along with my rudimentary French, which is becoming more effective every day, even though my pronunciation probably leads to lots of secret cringing.

Et voila!