Waiting, Playing, and Dancing

We took the overnight train from Bangkok to our new home-for-a-month, Chiang Mai. While it wasn’t ideal that the train was delayed 2 hours (keeping Theo awake way past his bedtime), it did give him plenty of time to make friends at the station.

  • Friend 1: A Thai woman with a hat. The woman, Brian, and I took turns hiding the hat so that Theo could find it. If you are three, this game is hilarious.
  • Friends Set 2: A vacationing family from Singapore who shared cool games on their iPad and introduced Theo to blackjack.
  • Friends Set 3: Twenty-something (I think) backpackers with a guitar and cookies. Theo, in his it’s-past-my-bedtime overextended state, practiced breakdancing to Hotel California.

IMG_7566 IMG_7570 IMG_7575